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Unparalleled Heat Rejection

Beat the heat! Our ceramic window films block up to 99% of infrared radiation, keeping your car cooler and more comfortable during scorching summer days.

Superior UV Protection

Safeguard yourself and your passengers from harmful UV rays. Ceramic car tints block up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays, protecting your skin and interior from sun damage.

Enhanced Glare Reduction

Experience exceptional clarity on the road. Our ceramic films significantly reduce glare, minimizing eye strain and creating a more relaxed driving experience, especially at night.

Increased Privacy and Security

Enjoy a sense of privacy and added security with a touch of sophistication. Ceramic car tints provide a discreet barrier without compromising outward visibility.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

A cooler car interior means less strain on your air conditioning system, potentially improving fuel efficiency.

Increased Resale Value

A professionally installed ceramic window tint can enhance the aesthetics and value of your car.

Premium Ceramic

Our top-of-the-line ceramic tint offers the ultimate in heat rejection, UV protection, and clarity.

Mid-Grade Ceramic

Experience exceptional value without sacrificing quality. Our mid-grade ceramic tint delivers impressive performance at a competitive price point.

Not Sure What Tint Percentage is Right for You?

Our expert consultants are here to help!  We'll guide you through the various ceramic tint options and legal considerations to find the perfect solution that balances heat rejection, privacy, and style with local regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between ceramic tint and regular tint?
Traditional dyed films primarily use dyes to block sunlight, which can fade over time and potentially interfere with electronic signals. Ceramic films use advanced technology with ceramic particles, offering superior performance, durability, and no signal interference.
What percentage of window tint should I get?
The optimal window tint percentage depends on your preferences, state regulations, and vehicle type. Our experienced team can help you choose the perfect shade to meet your needs.
Does ceramic window tint make it difficult to see at night?
Our high-quality ceramic films offer exceptional optical clarity, ensuring clear nighttime visibility even with darker tint percentages.
Is ceramic tint legal?
Window tint laws vary by country, state, and region. Our knowledgeable consultants can advise you on legal tint percentages for your area.
How much does ceramic window tinting cost?
The cost of ceramic car window tinting depends on several factors, including the size and type of vehicle, the chosen tint percentage, and the specific film selected. We offer competitive pricing and transparent consultations to ensure you get the best value for your investment.
Can you show me examples of your work?
Absolutely! Click here to see our stunning collection of vehicles with ceramic auto window tinting. Get inspired by the flawless application and luxurious look Artdeshine tinting provides.
Is there ceramic car window tinting me?
Yes, there is! We're conveniently located in the Bay Area, ready to transform your vehicle into a masterpiece.

Artdeshine: Your Trusted Partner in Window Tinting Excellence

At Artdeshine, we are passionate about exceeding your expectations. We use only the highest-quality ceramic window films from industry-leading manufacturers. Our team of certified installers is dedicated to providing meticulous workmanship and exceptional customer service. Visit our state-of-the-art facility and experience the Artdeshine difference firsthand.

Find Your Perfect Tint at Artdeshine

Don't settle for just any window tint. Choose the superior protection, style, and comfort of Artdeshine Ceramic Window Tinting. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation, request a quote, or learn more about ceramic window tint benefits.

Don't just tint your windows; Artdeshine it!

P.S. Don't just drive, thrive! Improve your driving experience with Artdeshine offerings. We do everything from car vinyl wraps and ceramic window tints to PPF and nanographene coatings. Ask us how we can combine these services for the ultimate car care package!